everyone counts,
everyone wins.

Get Out the Count.

Learn more about promoting Oklahoma’s Census 2020 with valuable resources for your use and to share with your network and community members. Spread the word that when ...

Everyone Counts! Everyone Wins!

Downloadable Resources

Information is power, and we’re providing the documents, flyers, brochures, PowerPoints, infographics and more to help educate your team on the key points of the importance of getting a complete count for Census 2020, as well as tips on how to share that information with the communities you serve.

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Email Template – Arabic

Yard Sign – Spanish

Email Template – Tagalog

Informational Video 2 – English

:15 Radio Spot – English

Census Poster 1 – Arabic

Email Template – Vietnamese

Census Case Study: Choctaw Nation

Census Brochure Rack Card – French/English

Full-page Print Ad – Spanish

Event Banner – English

Window Cling – Spanish

Census Poster 1 – English

:30 Promotional Video – English

OK Let’s Count Brand Guidelines

Census Popup Banner – Spanish

T-shirt – English

Census Stickers – English

Census Case Study: Tulsa

OK Let’s Count Logo Files – English

Census One Sheet – Large Print

Census One-Page Handout – English

Lapel Pin – English

Yard Sign – English/Spanish

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