Register to vote, fill out your census

Voting is one of our most important rights as citizens and exercising that right starts by submitting your voter registration. For many of us, we choose to vote for various reasons, whether it be for supporting policies that align with our beliefs, establishing programs and services that benefit the community, or merely exercising our right to vote as a citizen.

These changes in policy and support do not happen without your voice, which in this case, is your right to vote. To create the changes, we would like to see in the community that it starts with using our voice and being an actively engaged citizen. Together, we make a difference. With the upcoming National Voter Registration Day today, we are reminded of the many lives lost and the leaders who pushed forward the movement to ensure that we all have the equal right to cast our vote to the leadership reflects our values.

The census is another way that we can make a difference. When you respond to the census, you help bring much-needed funding and resources to our community. More than 675 billion dollars are distributed through federal funding across the country to organizations like ours that help support programs and services that benefit residents. The types of areas impacted are programs we heavily rely on, such as highway construction, education, healthcare, and Oklahoma families’ services. With the support generated from census response and funding, we can support the future of our community.

For the first time in history, the census is now available online, and residents can complete in as little as two minutes. Achieving your census response not only contributes to funding resources to the community but also supports data shared with businesses that are considered areas to build in. Bringing new business to our community can help to support economic development by creating workforce opportunities and business expansion.

As you go through the week, please be sure to complete your voter registration and census response. Consider submitting an absentee ballot if you are concerned with social distancing and personal safety. Absentee ballots are a great alternative to casting your vote without being physically present at a voter station. Many of these deadlines are quickly approaching, so we must complete these items as soon as possible.

Once you’ve completed your census response and voter registration, tell a friend about the importance of being counted and exercising your right as a citizen. Consider attending the upcoming Voter Registration Drive taking place on Saturday, September 26th, at a local community center and get assistance with completing the process. Now is this time to make your voice heard because your voice and your vote matters.

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