OK, Let's Count

Don’t forget to participate in census

Disruptions and distractions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic must not be allowed to keep Oklahomans from participating in the census, officials said. “There’s too much...

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Take the Census and Be Counted

This week, the first round of U.S. Census questionnaires were mailed to homes in Oklahoma City. With the concern and constant conversation about the spread...

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Q&A: Census OKC begins

From The Oklahoman | William Crum The 2020 U.S. Census begins contacting Oklahoma City residents this week. Here’s what to know: What is the census?...

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Altus — It’s Time to Count

Altus citizens work hard to make Altus a thriving community.  We want Altus to COUNT—count for Altus Air Force Base, count for our children’s futures,...

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Census 101: Make it count

Did you know the third United States President, Thomas Jefferson, directed the nation’s first census in 1790? Fifty years later, in 1840, the Census Act...

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I counted!

The Census determines how much funding and services our towns and cities receive each year for the next decade. Everyone counts. And I just did.

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